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The Chamber of Commerce membership consists of Professional, Retail, Non-Profit and Home Based businesses as well as individuals that are committed to uniting and advancing the commercial, industrial, civic, agricultural, education and general interests of the City of Auburn, the County of Nemaha and its surrounding trade territory. 
We have five different categories of membership with a flat price on each with the exception of our Gold Membership.  Please contact our office if you have any specific questions regarding the categories so we can see where you fit best.   

Individual/Home-Based Business

Are you an individual working from home or someone looking to support the Chamber of Commerce?  We have a special membership level just for you!  the individual plan is designed for the work-from-home workers, independent sales representatives, or individuals wanting to support the Chamber.  Take advantage of all the Chamber benefits!  Yearly membership is $75.00

 Individual/Home-Based Business Members


Does your organization qualify as a non-profit?  This Chamber membership plan is designed for organizations as a 5o1c3 non-profit.  join our Chamber community and sign up your organization today. Yearly membership is $110.00.

 Non-Profit Members


The Auburn Chamber of Commerce has over 40 retail business members! Whether you're shopping for necessities or you're shopping for fun, we have a member in every area! Join our retail community at the Auburn Chamber of Commerce.  Fellow members in this level include restaurants, grocery stores, and other retail stores.  Yearly membership is $175.00 plus $2.50 per employee.  

Retail Members


The Professional level is designed for businesses offering a professional service or product.  examples include technology companies, financial planners, and other consulting-type business and organizations.  If you're looking to add your business to our community of successful professional members let us know! Yearly membership is $235.00.

Professional Members

Financial Institute

Yearly membership is $750 base pay plus $15.50 per million in deposits as of June year prior. 

Financial Institution Members

Health Care Facilities

Yearly membership is $600.00

Healthcare Members


Yearly membership is $800.00.

Manufacturing Members

Community Supporters

The Auburn Chamber of Commerce appreciates the support of these members.  Without them our advertising abilities would not be possible.  

Community Support Members

Utility Service 

Yearly membership is $400.00.

Utility Service Members

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